Marintec South America - Navalshore is the main business platform to find innovations and connect with the maritime community of South America. The event is the meeting point of the naval industry that brings together shipowners, shipyards, manufacturers and suppliers, national and international in one place!

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Business contact

Gilmara Santos
Gilmara SantosSales Executive
+55 11 4878-5919 | +55 11 99206-2411 gsantos@ubmbrazil.com.br

Previous edition

The 14th edition of Marintec South America finished in Rio de Janeiro with a positive assessment and optimism for the companies in the shipbuilding, maritime and offshore industries that took part in the event. 

QUALIFIED AUDIENCE - Once again, Marintec gathered a qualified audience over the three days of the event, who came to visit the fair looking for the latest news in the industry, trends and business opportunities.

  • 5.500 professionals from the industry attended to the event
  • 100 exhibiting brands
  • 7 countries 
  • 7.500 s.q.m

The companies who focused on product launches and solutions during the 14th edition of Marintec South America left the event with positive outlook on the industry.

Working area:

  • Ships design, Architecture and Maritime Engineering
  • Ship parts and services suppliers
  • Navigation, Radio and Telecommunication system
  • Construction and Repair Shipyards
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Companies and Banks
  • Logistics Management
  • Over 62% of exhibitors in 2017 intend to exhibit again in 2018
  • 62% rated visitors’ qualification as excellent
  • 46% made new business connections
  • 31% believe it is the best way to disclose the company brand
  • 69% of exhibitors believe they can make business deals during the show

Qualified visitors group formed by the main professionals in the industry.


35% To create new business relationships
19% To find new products and services
16% To attend conferences or workshops
15% To get updated about the best market practices


26% - Ship owners / Shipbuilders / Ship Maintenance
14% - Consulting Services
13% - Suppliers
5% - Oil and Gas
5% - Logistics
4% - EPC


  • Free media exposure return: R$ 1.214.785,00
  • 448 news published
  • 19 ads in specialized magazines

Why Exhibit?

Marintec South America is the most efficient tool for your branding and go-to-market strategy, providing personal interaction with your current customers, partners and potential buyers. Considered the most cost-effective platform for communication, relationship-building and lead-generation, it is the meeting point for distributors and suppliers of the following products and services:

  • Mechanical and Auxiliary Systems
  • Shipbuilding, Ship Fitting & Repair
  • Propulsion and Manoeuvring
  • Eletronics, Communications & Navigation
  • Deck, Safety and Special Equipment
  • Maritime Services
  • Cargo Handling Systems
  • Marine & Off Shore Technology

Top 5 reasons to exhibit at Marintec South America

1. Business Opportunities with more than 5,500 highly qualified professionals attending

2. Meet the main Brazilian and international ship and shipyard owners

3. Stand out from other suppliers in the shipbuilding industry

4. Make direct contact with decision makers

5. Launch your products and services to the industry and increase the presence of your brand

Who will Attend?

Focused on cutting-edge innovation Marintec South America strongly attracts decision makers, with real buying power, searching for technological advancement within specialized niche sectors of the maritime industry. Attendees come from the following areas:

  • Ship owners, Shipbrokers and charterers
  • Shipyards
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Shipyard installations and plant equipment
  • Maintenance, ship repairing and retrofit;
  • Platform: Fixed and floating marine structures
  • Oil and Gas professionals
  • Offshore technology for exploitation of natural resources
  • Cargo handling and transport systems
  • Logistics services
  • Maritime Institutions and organizations
  • Consultancy firms
  • Education and research
  • Universities, professional schools, training and simulation
  • Specialized media

Travel Packages

Companies that are prepared to provide the best service for you!

Official Travel Agency


Official Airline


Established in 1989, Must Tour is the official travel agency for Marintec. Associated to IATA, it is a leading agency in the market and it provides its clients special, customized services. Their team will personally look after all the details of the show, including transport logistics, aiming at providing an excellent experience. This way, once again we strengthen our position as leaders in this industry and emphasize our partnership with the organizer, who will provide services to the exhibitors and visitors.


Also, MUST TOUR exclusively offers to all those participating in the event special rates at LATAM, the official airline for the trade fair. And so your trip is an even more complete experience we offer special packages and city tours with suggestions for tours during the day or night.



Phone: +55 11 3373-1666
WhatsApp: +55 11 9.4734-9040
Website: www.musttour.com.br


Companies that are prepared to provide the best service for you!

When and where will the trade fair be staged?

Between August 13 – 15 2019 at the SulAmerica Rio de Janeiro/RJ Convention Center.

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Is there any free transportation to the trade fair complex?
How can I get to the SulAmerica Convention Center?
People under 18 years of age can come to the show?
Are there any free parking lots for visitors?
No. Visitors and/or exhibitors will have to pay for parking facilities separately. Fees will be disclosed close to the date of the trade show.
Is it possible to register online?
Is online registration for visiting the trade fair free?
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Are there any other events other than the trade fair this year?
Are those attending seminars and training courses given any kind of certificate?
Where can we register and pick up our tags to attend the conferences?
Are there any restrictions for entering the trade fair?

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