UBM has a highly qualified and fully prepared team to meet your needs, help with any doubts you may have and promote information regarding the events.

We are the leading company in global business media and the second largest events organiser in the world, with renowned expertise in promoting and encouraging networking and business between companies from different industries.

UBM Brazil
Address: Al. Tocantins, 75 | 13º andar - Conj. 1301 Alphaville | Barueri |
Phone Number: +55 11 4878-5990

Improve the ROI of your
company at Marintec

Highlight your brand among
the participating companies

More visibility for the brand and
its products and / or services

Reinforce the brand
marketing actions

Approaching the mark of visitors
in the pre, during and post-event

Combining your brand
of leading companies

Mobile App


You can also:

  1. View the exhibitors’ information;
  2. Follow the times and locations of the attractions of the fair;
  3. Organize your visit by selecting exhibitors as Favourites and Visited;
  4. Create notes related to an exhibitor;
  5. Follow the event’s official social media;
  6. Easy access to all the information about the event.


The link and informations to access the exhibitor's manual, will be available 3 months before the fair and will be send by email marketing. 

Find Companies and MARINTEC SOUTH AMERICA products:

Press Office

Contact the team of Conteúdo Empresarial - Press of Marintec South America-Navalshore:

Phones: +55 (11) - 3230-7434 / +55 (13) 3304.7437  
Arucha Fernandes, Érica Amores or Valeria Bursztein

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  • Online Directory 
  • Material to package visibility
  • Contents (photos, news, website, facebook, etc)
  • Knowledge Station
+55 11 4878.5984
+55 11 4878.5942



  • Exhibitor Manual
  • Assembly and Disassembly
  • Official Suppliers 
  • Floorplan
+55 11 4878.5971


Please be careful: stay alert about attempted frauds with fake bank payment forms! Never agree to trade bank payment forms issued by other banks. Our bank payment forms are issued by the SANTANDER Bank ONLY and our official emails follow the same pattern:; therefore, please disregard any emails requesting the trading of bank payment forms from other places. We also would like to point out that the UBM group companies do not offer any other alternative channels, such as liaisons claiming to be collection agents from the UBM group requesting the original bank payment forms to be traded following the contract execution. One method to identify fraud is to check the bank number (033 – Santander) and the number of the assignor’s code in the bank payment collection forms before paying the bank collection form:

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We would also like to make it clear that no external representatives are authorized to propose, receive and make any kind of advertisement, for free or upon payment, on behalf of Concrete Show. All promotional activities are directly conducted by UBM Brazil.

EXPO GUIDE, FAIR GUIDE, EVENT FAIR, INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY or any other company have never been given authorization by UBM Brazil to use the show’s name and/or logo, information concerning exhibiting companies and they have never been in charge of any kind of advertisement on behalf of Concrete Show.



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  Connecting people & the global market


UBM: one of the largest companies in the world in business media

In more than 30 countries where it organizes events, UBM builds lasting relationships with specialists and key players in the market and generates opportunities that kick-start and stimulate the development of local industry on a global scale. Read More


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